What is Geology?

What is Geology?

The Earth is a very interest living organism. You see a lot of weird events happen here and there. Our curiosity is here to stay for a long time, and we love studying the Earth.

We are going to talk about what geology is, what earth science is, and what space science is. We will also let you know about some branches of the field of geology. We will give you some details that you will truly find awesome. Therefore, read on so you can truly find out more down the road too.

Geology is just the study of Earth. But it is more than that because it also studies the following things regarding the beautiful Earth:

-Structure of the materials.
-Processes acting upon the materials.

Geology is also in charge of studying the organisms that have also inhabited the planet. Geology also deals with how this Earth´s materials, organisms, processes, and structures have just changed over time.
Geologists work hard to understand the history of our planet. They try to understand these things so they can more accurately predict future events. So, they will be playing to be Gods.

Earth Science and Space Science

Earth science is any science that deals with our planet or with some parts of it. Space science is just any science that studies the upper atmosphere.

Some Branches of Geology

-Geochemistry. This is the study of any chemical process that can shape and form our planet.
-Oceanography. It is the study of the motion and composition of any water column. It also deals with the processes that are truly responsible for the motion of these things.
-Paleontology. It studies the fossils.
-Sedimentology. It studies the sediment grains that can be found in the ocean.

Facts about Geology

-The etymology of the word geology is knowledge of rocks.
-Geologists study a lot of things such as minerals, rocks, landforms, and so on.
-A geologist has to spend a lot of time in the field. But what do they do? They will collect a wide array of samples so they can truly get what they want.
-A geologist will use brushes, handpicks, and other tools to collect a lot of samples. They resemble the work of archeologist too.
-A geologist will monitor the erosion of the soil.

We have talked about what geology is and many other things. Remember that geology studies a lot of things about the Earth, and geologist does a pretty interesting and useful job these days. Space and earth science have also been touched.

Geochemistry and oceanography are some technologies that we have talked about, and we have also told you a lot of interesting facts about geology. If you want to become a geologist, this is a great time to do it. You will have to spend a lot of time in the field if you want to become a geologist down the road too. Go over this article when you want to know more about geology and what it can do for you.

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